Spa Montana Wellness


At 5413 ft the air is pure and the icy sky burns like fire at sunset. Here you can find a little corner of paradise dedicated to relax and well-being, with outstanding and breathtaking view.

The Montana Wellness is the perfect place where you can be pampered, buffed and polished. 

Our wet area offers two saunas, one Turkish bath, hot and cold showers and three separated relax areas with teas and infusions.



The Finnish Sauna is our little big pride. Wide windows, spruce benches, hot air. The inner temperature reaches the peak of 90°C, absolutely tolerable because of the very low lever of humidity.

The Hammam/Turkish bath is the is the opposite of the sauna: a eucalyptus scented, vapor saturated room (100% humidity level) and approx 40°C (104°F)

Our Soft Sauna is a sensible middle way. It is warmer than the finnish sauna and slightly wetter (60°C/140°F - 40% humidity). It is mostly appreciated by who loves sauna but not the high temperature.

Multi-sensorial Showers: from the hot tropical-style water to the fresh nordic-rain. Different temperatures, aromas and lights creates a unique experience. Our wet areas includes three more showers to be alternated in your sauna schedule. The first one is nebulized, the second one is warm while the last one is a bucket of icy water: a real extra kick! 



Moreover, the Montana Wellness has three separated relax areas.

The Mountain Hay Room (in italian Stanza del Fieno di Montagna) to take a deep breath of the intense smelling of cut grass.

The White Silence Room (in italian Stanza del Silenzio Bianco), minimal and relaxing, with cromotherapy.

Last but not leat, the Panoramic Relax Area and its huge windows. 

For all our customers, a tea and infusion selection and fresh water are available.